Military Items & Souvenirs Wanted To Buy - Military Items Wanted to Buy!


WWII USA German and Japanese Items

We Prefer to buy USA, German and Japanese Items from WWII but we also buy items from Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Civil War, Indians Wars, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War, Afganistan, All Middle East Conflicts.


What Types of Items Do We Want?

We are always buying; Medals, Swords, Daggers. Knives, Hats, Books, Unit Histories, Documents, Insignia, Wings, Jackets, Uniforms, Helmets, Bayonets, Patches, Awards, Katana, Tanto, Tachi, Wakizashi, Fighting Knives, Flags, Banners, Stamps, Coins, Bills, Belts, Buckles, Pictures, Photographs, Dog Tags, Dirks, Blades, Relics, Antiques. Do not clean or shine, We want them in condition as they are! You can HARM an item if you try and clean it improperly! Dirty or Rusty, we do not care! Military Items Wanted to BUY! We are Always Buying Military World War 2 items WWII and More!  


What is Your Item Worth?

Why Not Turn those old relics into CASH today! Email us with Clear Pictures of what you have and we can go from there. We have over 45 years Experience Collecting and Buying Militaria and my Father was a Combat Disabled Veteran of WWII so YOU can Trust Us for the Best Identification of your items and Honest Offers! Do not throw those items away or donate to a museum, why? Because 90% of all items donated to museums are NOT displayed and many SELL your items to keep the museum open! 

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Military Souvenirs & Items Wanted to Buy. All Wars all Time periods.


Any German WWII Symbols Displayed are for HISTORICAL Purposes only! We do NOT endorse or condone any hate groups.